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Our Capabilities

Process Capabilities


Using the extensive equipment at our disposal, we process a wide range of products on site



  • Storage of raw materials (ingredients and packaging) prior to production, with segregation of allergens.
  • Temperature controlled batch cooking of ingredients.
  • Triple stage in-line emulsifier pump to achieve stable emulsions in dressings, mayonnaise and producing smooth fine textured products in specifically designed sauces.
  • Piston paste filling
  • Rotary pouch filling
  • Ink jet date coding
  • Automatic plastic shrink label applicator
  • Plastic shrink labels and tamper evident seals
  • Front, back and wrap around adhesive labelling
  • Palletised and stored ready for despatch.


Plant & Equipment

  • Warehouse is separated into four key areas:
  • Ingredients, Allergens, Packaging and Finished Products.
  • Process Kitchen:
  • Gas fired Cooking Kettles, 2 x 350 kg units.
  • Both units have scraped surface agitators and separate mixer to maximise mixing efficiency.
  • Temperature controlled for heating from ambient to 95˚C
  • Water Cooling unit, to reduce temperature in tank if required for special ingredients to be added.
    1. Electrically heated 400 litre buffer holding tank – temperature controlled and scraped surface agitators and mixer.
    2. In-line emulsifier pump. A triple action stator/rotor system allowing for different teeth sizes to be employed for specific products. Sizes vary from 8mm to 1mm, allowing for high shear of mixes at up to 3300 RPM.
    3. Positive displacement transfer pump allowing for particulates to be pumped
    4. Piston paste filler – volumetric filler suitable for hot filling
    5. Induction sealing of aluminium pads to bottles
    6. Separate area of process room for blending and repacking of product.
  • Labelling / Packing and Warehousing


  1. Lynx Ink Jet Automatic date coder - in line on conveyor
  2. Automatic shrink film applicator either for plastic shrink labels or plastic shrink tamper evident seals.
  3. Hot air shrink tunnel
  4. Automatic labelling machine for front and back bottle / jar labelling or wrap around labels
  5. Chiller unit to cool products from Hot filled to < 5˚C
  6. Boxed and sealed through semi-auto carton taping machine
  7. Palletised and ready for despatch.
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