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Barbecue Glazed Chicken with Roasted Vegetable and Spinach Salad

BBQ glazed Chicken

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A salad that can be served hot or cold is a salad fit for anytime of the year. With this salad we roast a mix of delicious vegetables and serve them with chicken drumsticks coated with our smokey barbecue sauce


Serves 4 or 8 drumsticks

  • 250ml Wild Appetite Smokey Barbecue Sauce
  • 200ml Canola or other vegetable oil
  • 8 x Chicken Drumsticks
  • 3 x Large Parsnips, peeled and diced to approx. 4cm x 4cm
  • 5 x Large Carrots, peeled and diced to approx. 4cm x 4cm
  • 4 x Kumara any colour, diced to approx. 4cm x 4cm
  • 2 x Red Onion, peeled and diced to approx. 4cm x 4cm
  • 4 x Courgette, diced to approx. 4cm x 4cm
  • 100g Baby Spinach
  • 100ml Olive oil
  • 50ml Wild Appetite Caramelised Balsamic Dressing plus extra for garnish
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


Pre-heat an oven to 175⁰C.

In a bowl mix the barbecue sauce and 75ml of vegetable oil and then coat the drumsticks completely.

They will need to be turned after 15 minutes and will be ready after 30. (Times may vary depending on the strength of your oven and the size of drumsticks.)

Put them onto an oven tray and into the oven.

You will need 2 bowls now both with the remaining vegetable oil, salt and pepper in.

In one bowl mix the parsnips and carrots and in the other mix kumara, red onion and courgette.

Put the parsnips and carrots into the oven and 15 minutes later the kumara mix can go in the oven.

The parsnip tray will take 30 minutes to cook tossing the vegetables every 10 minutes and the kumara mix 20 minutes to cook tossing after 10 minutes.

When all the vegetables are cooked put them into one bowl, add baby spinach, olive oil and 50ml of balsamic dressing then adjust seasoning if needed.

Serve on a plate with 2 drumsticks and a little extra balsamic dressing.